Environment setup

Scala Native has the following minimum system requirements:

  • Java 8+
  • sbt 0.13.x
  • LLVM 3.7 or newer
  • Native libraries
    • Boehm GC 7.6.0
    • Re2 2017-01-01

Installing sbt

Please refer to this link for instructions for your operating system.

Installing LLVM, Clang and native libraries

Scala Native requires Clang, which is part of the LLVM toolchain. The recommended LLVM version is 3.7 or newer, however, the Scala Native sbt plugin uses feature detection to discover the installed version of Clang so older versions may also work.

In addition, the native Scala runtime and Java API implementation require the Boehm garbage collector and the RE2 regular expression engine. Both the native library and header files must be provided at build time.


Some package managers provide the library header files in separate -dev packages.

Here are install instructions for a number of operating systems Scala Native has been used with:


$ sudo apt install clang libgc-dev libunwind-dev libre2-dev

Note: libre2-dev is available since Xenial (16.04 LTS). Refer to travis.yml to install from source.

Arch Linux

$ sudo pacman -S llvm gc re2


$ brew install llvm bdw-gc re2


$ pkg install llvm38 boehm-gc libunwind re2


$ wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/scala-native/scala-native/master/bin/scala-native.nix
$ nix-shell scala-native.nix -A clangEnv

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